Aluminum Flagpoles – The Advantages

Aluminum flag pole are a popular choice because they’re strong, lightweight, versatile, and relatively affordable. They can be used for residential or commercial purposes and come in many sizes. Some even have eighty feet. An aluminum flagpole is weather-resistant and will withstand any type of weather. One-piece and telescoping aluminum flagpoles are available in many colors, including natural, dark brown, black, and telescoping models. Select the color that suits your home and company best. You can use mild detergent to clean the pole in the event it ever gets dirty.

Aluminum flagpoles are available with either an internal or external halyard system.

External systems include the rope and other equipment on the pole. This is a proven system but can be easily vandalized or noisy when there is wind.

The equipment is protected by internal systems. A hatch is located at the base to access the halyard. This is the more expensive option.

Inground aluminum flagpoles must be secured in a groundleeve and concrete foundation in order to keep them up. You must ensure that no more than ten percent of the pole’s length lies underground and that your flag does NOT exceed forty percent.

You should ensure that the sections of your telescoping aluminum flagpole are properly locked in place. This will ensure stability in case of high winds.

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